Debbie Harry would like to see a Blondie biopic made.

The 'Heart of Glass' singer thinks a film about her group could help people be better ''informed'' about their career, and the New York music scene they emerged from in the 1970s.

Asked if she would like to see a Blondie biopic, she said: ''It's difficult. You can only really skim the surface. If it's good entertainment, honest, well-acted and directed? Maybe.

''I think many people could be informed and have a finer appreciation of the person or era.''

However, the 68-year-old star admits she has little written down in physical format that could help inform such a project.

Asked if she had kept diaries, she replied: ''Unfortunately not. I wish that I had. My impressions will simply be that, impressions. It's funny, someone will say something and then a memory will come flashing back of some big event. But I'm noteless. I guess I'm lazy. Well, I'm not so much a person who deals with facts as much as feelings.''

However, Debbie - who, along with the rest of Blondie, recently picked up the Godlike Genius prize at the NME Awards - prefers to look forward, not back.

She added in an interview with Stylist magazine: ''Doing interviews, getting the award forces you to deal with your history so to speak - it might give me some kind of way of dealing with the present.

''But I like moving ahead. I like change, I like new things. It's good to escape. I have an adventurous spirit.''