Debbie Harry doesn't think the Internet will remain popular.

The 68-year-old Blondie frontwoman is predicting a ''backlash'' against modern technology and she finds the world wide web a huge ''waste of time''.

She said: ''I think that there will be some kind of Luddite backlash. People in general will just all of a sudden unhook themselves. It's such a waste of time.''

Debbie admits she dislikes the internet because she tries so hard to maintain her privacy and thinks the online world is full of fame-seekers.

She said to NME magazine: ''I'm really only concerned with letting people have a certain amount of me - not all of me. I've always fought very hard for a certain amount of anonymity and privacy. I'm very selective and it's very minimal for me.

''People are looking for public notice without actually being in showbiz. Everyone thinks they're in showbiz online.

''If I choose to send something out, or write something to a friend, that's one thing, but I'm not looking for that kind of attention, I have another kind.''