Debbie Harry believes ''recognition'' is the best thing about being a rock star.

The Blondie singer insists there is no greater honour for a musician than to release their songs and for people to like them and subsequently feel as though they have a connection to you as an artist.

When asked what the privilege is of being a rock star, Debbie said: '' Recognition, I think that is a privilege. You put out something that you have thought of, or written, experienced, talked about, and then, people think they really know you. That you are really their friend, and that is a real gift. Sometimes it's disastrous and sometimes it's great.''

Debbie, 69, is one of the most iconic female frontwomen of all time, famed for her attitude and sex appeal as much as her voice.

The 'Heart of Glass' singer insists her attitude evolved over the years as Blondie's success grew.

Speaking to Gay Times magazine, she said: ''I think it goes in stages. When you're starting out, you have to stamp your feet, pull your hair, grab people's attention, and demand attention. There are lots of ways to do that: to be risqué, naughty, bad or to be wild, to express some kind of freedom, some excitement and a sense of adventure, especially in rock 'n' roll. I think it's very important. And then, with some of that acceptance, comes a bit of responsibility, because it's a two-way street so, you have to give back ... I think I am more amazed than proud that I have had a career that I did not expect.''