Debbie Harry has thrown her support behind the jazz musician arrested on drug charges as part of an investigation into the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, by writing a letter urging a judge to spare him jail.

Robert Vineberg, also known by his stage name of Robert Aaron, was one of four suspects taken into custody following a police raid as part of a probe to discover the source of the heroin found in Hoffman's apartment.

The 57 year old was released on bail in February (14) and has denied a charge of possessing heroin with intent to sell.

On Tuesday (13May14), Vineberg's legal team filed a motion calling for him to be sent to a drug treatment program instead of jail, while Harry and her Blondie guitarist Chris Stein have backed the request by penning a letter praising his character.

The missive reads, "He has always acted as a consummate professional irregardless of any substance abuse problems. His work with us on recordings and live performances has been meticulous and his musicianship can't be (overstated)."