Debbie Harry thinks she needs to see a speech therapist because she's spent years struggling with her pronunciation.

The 78-year-old Blondie star made the admission during an interview at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Debbie admitted she's never been totally comfortable with the way she talks and could use some help wth her consonants.

She explained: "I am not so bad with vowels, but I could work on consonants. I am going to a speech therapist tomorrow. Is anyone here a critic? I am more critical than you, much more."

During the talk with 'So Unreal' director Amanda Kramer, Debbie also admitted she's also critical of her looks from Blondie's hey day and says watching their old music videos makes her want to "tear my eyebrows off".

The chat focused on "cyberspace and technophobia", according to Variety, and Debbie went on to insist she's not a huge fan of the internet.

She added: "I get it’s a fascination and a toy, but sometimes I find it to be ridiculous. We have different eras where there are different measures of politeness and the etiquette isn’t there yet ...

"We are animals. We smell, we hear, we see and we feel. That’s the part that’s missing. I know it’s part of the progress and I am an old fart, but I like to feel the heat. I like being an animal."

Debbie previously insisted she' has no plans to retire and is keen to keep Blondie going for as long as possible. Speaking in 2021, she told The Sun newspaper: "To be creative and to keep that part of my brain going is essential and as I get older. I just want to feel that side of life and feel that I am contributing somehow to my own well-being.

"Music is my life force. And I’ve had so much support from family, friends and fans that I can’t think of any other way. What else would I do? Become a race car driver?"