Review of Moondagger Album by Deastro

Review of Deastro's album Moondagger

Deastro Moondagger Album

Deastro? That's a bit of a weird name, luckily it is the name of Randolph Chabot's new project of. hmmmm!!... of. well the best way to describe it is sci-fi music or as it has already been described 'Space Disco'.

Looking at this logically even the name of the album gives it away. Deastro will be releasing 'Moondagger' as his new release which in all reality sounds like something from War Of The Worlds.

The opening track 'Biophella' is a saving grace, it's filled full of synthesis and space sounds does make it standout , vocally Randolph sounds mellow, calm and it all sounds like it is effortless. Next you shuttle across to 'Parallelogram' that you could mistake as something from a cheesy eighties sci-fi series.

At the end of the day with this style of music it's never going to be your run of the mill album, but at the same time, by the time you get to the third track. OK the fourth track you wonder if you can actually sit and listen to full alum of this? The bad news is that there are another ten tracks to get through. With a track title like 'Toxic Crusaders' I was expecting to hear a really heavy aggressive track with a pounding drumbeat - that's not what I got, pretty much the opposite. Even the title track 'Moondagger' doesn't have much to offer. It gives the impression that it is trying to be aggressive and full of energy but it's lacking, that cutting edge, that big worm on a hook shouting 'check me out'.
Sadly, 'Moondagger' can only be classed as a mediocre album, no doubt this will get a few people going but as far as the majority are concerned this is going to go straight over their heads.


Mark Moore

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