Deap Vally say being ''sexy'' has caused a lot of problems for the band.

The female rock duo admit ''putting it all out there'' has attracted unwanted criticism from feminists and industry professionals.

Drummer Julie Edwards exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We never expected the problems that [having a sexy image] has caused. We dress the way we want to dress. We're kind of bold and we're putting it all out there. People love it, but then there are lots of people who don't.

''There are feminists who accuse us of not being feminists and of setting back the feminist cause which to me is insane. There are people who have reviewed our live show and all they can talk about is what we're wearing. They couldn't even focus on the music because it was so distracting to them that we had cleavage and butts. That really came as a surprise to us.''

However, the stickwoman insists the rock industry has ''double standards'' when it comes to girls showing off what they've got.

She added: ''It's some weird double standard with alternative rock. Either you have to hide your sexuality away to be taken seriously or you are a model who has been hired by a band to appear in their music video in your underwear. Neither of those options really suit Lindsey [Troy, vocals and guitar] or myself.''

The band released their debut album Sistrionix in June this year and will continue to be a common sight on the UK festival circuit.