Deap Vally want to bring glamour back to rock 'n' roll.

The 'Gonna Make My Own Money' Californian duo believe music was better when stars had larger-than-life ideas and played on their on-stage personas to capture their audience.

They exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I feel like in every other decade people embraced their raw sexuality on stage and used it to cast a spell over the audience

''Like the 80s with their big hair, or earlier with David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix - they were all over the top.''

The band - drummer Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy on vocals and guitar - feel some people are scared of their raw rock 'n' roll performances because of the way musicians are presented now.

Julie explained: ''We're in this era right now where it's only pop stars or people who are flashy and in your face about stuff. So I think we're changing that.

''We're trying to bring the balls and the fun and the glamour back to rock 'n' roll.''

Deap Vally toured with The Vaccines last November and learned a lot from hanging out with them at shows up and down the country.

Lindsey added: ''We learnt from them, some vocal tricks from [singer] Justin. It was cool to see how they prepped for their shows. They really do a lot of warming up on their instrument and stuff.

''They are lovely people. We had such a good time with them. I think we'll be friends for life''

Deap Vally are currently touring the UK and will support Mumford and Sons on their European dates later this spring.