Deap Vally think being female sets them apart from other bands.

The 'Gonna Make My Own Money' duo shrug off comparisons to groups like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, because they have a different perspective to their music.

They exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''We don't have any men on stage making any decisions so in that sense it's truly a woman's point of view.''

The band - made up of Lindsey Troy on vocals and guitar, and Julie Edwards on drums - may not want to be compared to other bands, but they do find them an inspiration to them.

Julie said: ''Karen O [Yeah Yeah Yeah's singer] is an awesome role model, unafraid to speak her mind. She's a joyous performer and a great person. It's amazing how huge The Black Keys are. That's very inspiring''

Deap Vally have toured with The Vaccines and are currently supporting Mumford and Sons on their European tour, but prefer the smaller venues they got to play on their recent headline tour.

Julie added: ''The last shows we did were in arenas and those are fun in their own way but playing in a small club you get so intimate with the fans. There's such a great energy that builds. There's just vibes.

''When you're on stage [in arenas] you have to remember that there's people really far away and communicate with them, but it's good. It's all fun, it's just all different.''

Deap Vally will release their debut album later this year.