Dean McDermott's ex-wife confronted the actor's mistress-turned-bride Tori Spelling before the pair split - pleading with the actress not to wreck her marriage.
Spelling and MCDermott fell for one another and broke their vows while filming TV movie Mind Over Murder, while both were wed to other people.
MCDermott and his then-wife, actress Mary Jo Eustace, had just adopted a baby girl in 2005, while Spelling was married to Charlie Shanian.
MCDermott and Spelling split with their respective spouses in 2006, before exchanging vows themselves just weeks later.
The news came as a shock to Eustace, because she had desperately begged Spelling to leave MCDermott alone before the actor left his family.
Writing in her new book, Divorce Sucks, Eustace says, "I told her I thought (her) behaviour thus far had been the height of insensitivity and rudeness. I tried to explain that we were a real family, with a new baby and a substantial history, and there were serious consequences to all of this...
"The toughest moment was when my husband kept calling her to see how the meeting was going. She told him it was 'going great' and joked that we were quickly becoming 'soul mates.' I left the room on that one."
Spelling and MCDermott now have their own family - they are parents to two-year-old son Liam and 11-month-old daughter Stella.