The former wife of Dean Martin's tragic son DEAN PAUL still has nightmares about the pilot's 1987 death - because she waited too long to tell him she had remarried. Ice skating star Dorothy Hamill has revealed she put off telling her ex she had wed another man - and Martin heard the news from a friend minutes before he took to the skies for the last time. Martin crashed his Air National Guard F4-C Phantom in California and died in the wreckage - and Hamill admits she has never forgiven herself for not telling her former husband about her marriage plans. In a new book, A Skating Life, Hamill explains, "The fact that he had to hear it from somebody else, and immediately before he was to command an F4 in the air, haunts me to this day." Hamill reveals Martin didn't approve of the skater's new husband, doctor Ken Forsythe, warning her, "He's no good... Watch out for this guy." The U.S. Olympic star later divorced her doctor husband and fought him for custody of their daughter, after the couple was declared bankrupt following a string of bad business decisions.