The DJ, real name Joel Zimmerman, engaged in a bitter online battle with Justin Bieber and Skrillex last year (15) after the pair collaborated on the 22-year-old's Purpose album in November (15). The outspoken DJ went public with his thoughts about the odd couple, insisting the pop star had used Skrillex as "a goddamn tool" when they teamed up with Diplo for Where Are U Now.

Now Deadmau5 has attempted to start a new war of words by slamming Skrillex again, after the DJ recently became the subject of a lawsuit for this work with Justin.

Indie pop star White Hinterland claims the pair sampled her song Ring the Bell in their hit Sorry without her permission, and then refused to acknowledge her when she attempted to right the wrong in a meeting.

Deadmau5 criticised his fellow DJ/producer online on Friday (27May16), writing, "how shocking. Hope she bleeds em (sic) good for it... god i f**king hate ripoffs.

"all that f**kin money in the bank... still can't afford creativity. *sigh* it has nothing to do with "sampling"... phrasing and melody alone are enough. I rekon (sic) she has a really good case," he added.

After one critic pointed out that Skrillex has more Grammy Awards than Deadmau5 does, he replied bitterly, "A direct correlation to the amount of f**ks i give. but if studio designers, music stores, pet supply chains and car dealerships start accepting grammys as a form of payment, i might tho (sic).

"i suppose ill (sic) finish / polish up that "sellout" track thing. might as well.. need a little more filler c**p for the album thing," he wrote.

Deadmau5 is currently working on his first new material since 2014, and he shared new single, Snowcone, online on Saturday (28May16).