Review of At Play Album by Deadmau5

Review of Deadmau5 album 'At Play'.

Deadmau5 At Play Album

Deadmau5 is becoming serious hot property in the dance music world. Having clearly made a name for himself at Beatport last year he continues to make dance music that is progressive and winning the hearts of the masses as well as acclaim in the industry. Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) hails from Toronto, Canada and has had releases on Ministry of Sound and Ultra Records and continues to release ten full length DJ friendly unmixed tracks 'At Play' on Play Records. It's all very cool stuff.

I think the trick with Deadmau5 (pronounced Deadmouse) especially after listening to 'At Play' is that the tracks seem as a continuation of dance music that we've grown up with and loved, rather than some contemporary dance we seem to hear nowadays being super experimental and quirky. So instead of an onslaught in the realms of production dance experimentation Deadmau5 reminds us of what we used to get our rocks of to and still sounds fresh. There's some serious house porn, super sexy provocative electro coming through here that is upbeat, kicking and deep. It is electro at its best and will definitely get you going. It's all produced in a progressive yet familiar way and the main heartbeat of it all is pumping, and that's what you want. Track 9 called 'Dr Funkenstein' I guess is an ode to Parliament Funkadelic which is all good and is done is a completely Deadmau5 fashion.

There's definitely good things coming out of this album. He's on the money concerning dance music and it's getting back to the sound of electro that got us in the clubs in the first place. It's got attitude, desire and produced well to get you dancing. There's certainly a great career ahead for this enthusiast so definitely check him out!

Tareck Ghoneim

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