A European beer ad featuring a cover of the Dead Kennedys' punk anthem Too Drunk To F**K has been recalled by Heineken bosses after watchdogs complained it promoted teenage binge drinking.
French band Nouvelle Vague recorded an expletive-less version of the song for the Kronenbourg 1664 campaign - but cutting out naughty words wasn't enough for many parents who saw the ad online and complained to marketing watchdog the Portman Group in the U.K.
The complaints suggested the use of the song promoted "irresponsible drinking".
The Portman Group's Ceo David Poley tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "This demonstrates just how careful companies have to be when marketing alcohol.
"We were pleased that the company took immediate action to remove the track from the playlist. As soon as the complaint was brought to its attention, Heineken has also introduced more rigorous approval procedures as a result."