The recent death of Davy Jones has led to a surge in popularity of The Monkees' songs on the online streaming service Spotify. A Telegraph story today (March 2, 2012) has reported that Spotify saw a 3000 per cent increase overnight of fans wanting to listen to the 1960s pop bands hits. Songs such as Daydream Believer, Last Train To Clarksville and I'm a Believer are among the tracks that Spotify users were seeking out for their nostalgia trip.
The Monkees started out as a manufactured pop band, the center-piece of a TV show that soon doubled up as performers in their own right. When they started out in the 1960s, they outsold The Beatles but their popularity waned and only in recent years did it show signs of a resurgence. Davy Jones died at his home in Martin County, Florida on February 29, 2012. He had suffered a heart attack, after experiencing breathing problems. His fellow band mates led the tributes to him, with Mickey Dolenz saying that Jones had been like a brother to him and his passing had left "a gigantic hole" in his heart.