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10th March 2015

Fact: British stars Cheryl Cole, Russell Brand, Robbie Williams, David Walliams and Katie Price will compete against each other in a fake reality talent show in an upcoming sketch for U.K. charity Comic Relief. The contestants will fight for the title of the country's "national treasure". Stephen Fry, Sheridan Smith and Miranda Hart will judge the competition. The sketch airs in the U.K. on Friday (13Mar15) during the Comic Relief telethon.

25th February 2015

Fact: British comedian David Walliams has teamed up with supermodel Kate Moss for a Comic Relief fundraising campaign. In the commercial, Walliams dresses up to impersonate Moss' catwalk friends including Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The advert promoted a limited edition lipstick which is being sold to raise money for the Comic Relief charity.

30th January 2015

Fact: British physicist Stephen Hawking has filmed a cameo appearance in a sketch for British charity telethon Comic Relief. The scientist will join comedians David Walliams and Matt Lucas as they revive their comedy series Little Britain for the skit. The special will be broadcast in the U.K. on 13 March (15).

8th January 2015

Quote: "Why has someone photoshopped @justinbieber 's head onto what is clearly my body?" Funnyman David Walliams pokes fun at his supermodel wife Lara Stone's new racy Calvin Klein photoshoot with Justin Bieber.

7th November 2014

Fact: British funnyman David Walliams showed off his singing skills by serenading Dame Shirley Bassey with her theme song from Bond movie Moonraker during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show this week (ends07Nov14).

27th October 2014

Fact: British funnyman-turned-author David Walliams has been shortlisted for the U.K.'s Red House Children's Book Award for the Demon Dentist. The prize for children's literature is voted for entirely by kids.

28th May 2014

Fact: David Walliams has created a special children's book as a tribute to Simon Cowell's baby son Eric. The funnyman created the personalised book with illustrations for his Britain's Got Talent co-star and handed over 50 copies.

22nd March 2014

Fact: Stars including Kylie Minogue, David Walliams and David Beckham helped U.K. charity Sports Relief raise more than $82 million (£51 million) during a live Tv fundraiser on Friday night (21Mar14). The show featured Beckham joining Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst for a special Only Fools and Horses sketch, while Minogue performed Especially for You with Walliams dressed as her former collaborator Jason Donovan.

2nd December 2013

Fact: Stars including Kylie Minogue, Russell Brand and David Walliams are among those who have sent congratulatory messages to British Olympian Tom Daley after he revealed he is dating a man.

7th May 2013

Tweet: "So many beautiful messages saying congratulations. Thanks everyone..." New dad David Walliams thanks fans for their well-wishes after his wife Lara Stone gave birth to their first child on Sunday (05May13).

12th March 2013

Fact: British comedian David Walliams has been unveiled as the blushing 'bride' wed by music mogul Simon Cowell in a comedy skit for Britain's Comic Relief charity which will air in the U.K. on Friday (15Mar13).

1st November 2012

Fact: One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Girls Aloud and Rod Stewart are among the acts who will perform for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Performance on 19 November (12). Funnyman David Walliams will host the charity event at London's Royal Albert Hall.

29th October 2012

Fact: British comedian David Walliams' kids' tale Gangsta Granny has been nominated for a prize at the Red House Children's Book Award 2013. The star's offering has been tipped in the Books For Younger Readers category and the winner will be announced at a ceremony in London in February (13).

6th October 2012

Tweet: "Congratulations to Mr Tom Ford and Mr Richard Buckley on the birth of their son Alexander. They will both be magnificent parents." British funnyman David Walliams reaches out to the fashion designer-turned-film director and his longtime partner after it was revealed on Friday (05Oct12) they welcomed a son last month (Sep12).

29th August 2012

Fact: British comedian David Walliams donned a suave tuxedo to host a special screening of his favourite movie The Spy Who Loved Me for Bond superfans in London on Tuesday (28Aug12). The Little Britain star also thrilled the audience by bringing legendary production designer Sir Ken Adam onstage for a discussion about the 007 film franchise.

9th August 2012

Tweet: "I am interviewing Sir Roger Moore today for GQ. Can anyone out there in Twitterland think of a question he hasn't been asked before?" British funnyman David Walliams turns to his Twitter.com followers for interviewing tips ahead of a chat with the James Bond star.

17th April 2012

Fact: Funnyman David Walliams will narrate Roald Dahl's much loved books for a new British TV special about the famed children's author.

3rd April 2012

Tweet: "I have been given the honour of running with the Olympic torch the day before the opening ceremony. Just one problem, I can't run!" British funnyman David Walliams is concerned about his 2012 London Olympics honour.

20th March 2012

Fact: Little Britain star David Walliams is to guest-edit a special edition of British newspaper The Independent later this month (Mar12) in aid of the Sport Relief charity.

12th March 2012

Fact: British funnyman David Walliams will guest-edit U.K. newspaper The Independent on 23 March (12) to promote the Sport Relief charity.

6th February 2012

Fact: Carmen Electra will step in to cover British TV presenter/actress Amanda Holden on the judging panel of Britain's Got Talent this week (begs06Feb12). Holden is taking time off from the show following the traumatic birth of her second daughter last month (Jan12) and Electra will take her place - alongside Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon - at the London round of auditions from Monday (06Feb12).

3rd February 2012

Fact: Funnyman David Walliams has been tipped for a top literacy award in his native U.K. - his book Mr Stink is in the running for the title of best children's novel of the last decade. The Little Britain star will go up against authors including J.K. Rowling, whose book Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix was also named on the shortlist. The winner will be announced next month (Mar11).

13th December 2011

Quote: "We'd like to have children. I worked out that I would be 60 when they go to university and then people will go, 'Is that your grandad?' We're definitely doing it soon." British funnyman David Walliams is planning a family with wife Lara Stone.

22nd November 2011

Fact: British funnyman David Walliams is helping his mum Kathleen raise money for her Girl Guides group to build a new headquarters. The Little Britain star will read to kids at a fundraiser in England on Sunday (27Nov11) to help organisers reach the $320,000 (£200,000) goal.

7th October 2011

Quote: "I was offered a part, not a big part. I thought: 'They're going to make another five films, I'll be a teacher.' But they never asked me again." British funnyman David Walliams still regrets turning a role down in an early Harry Potter movie.

8th September 2011

Quote: "I just don't want to give up. I mean, I sort of do. If there were no consequences and I could just stop and no one would mind, I would. But I would be letting people down." British funnyman David Walliams is struggling to complete his marathon swim across England's Thames River for charity.

2nd September 2011

Quote: "I'm going to do about 20 miles a day each day. I've been training eight hours a day, as much as I can." British comedian David Walliams is tackling a gruelling training regime ahead of swimming the length of England's River Thames next week (beg05Sep11).

6th February 2011

Fact: LITTLE BRITAIN funnyman David Walliams is making a splash for a good cause - he plans to swim all 215 miles (346 kilometres) of England's Thames River in September (11) to raise money for U.K. charity Comic Relief. The comedian raised more than $1.5 million (£1 million) in 2006 when he swam across the English Channel as part of the annual fundraising appeal.

29th October 2010

Quote: "Someone might ask if Russell Brand is nice. Well he's not not nice - it's not the first word you'd use is it? He's exciting, thrilling, dangerous, naughty, sexy. He's all those things before he's nice. If he was just nice we probably wouldn't have all heard of him." British funnyman David Walliams on his pal RUSSELL BRAND.

29th October 2010

Quote: "I would be at work filming and my wife would be saying, 'What time are you home because I want to know what time to put the shepherd's pie on?' I never thought I'd have an international supermodel who can make a great shepherd's pie." David Walliams on marital bliss with his model wife Lara Stone.

29th October 2010

Quote: "We've talked about having kids but there are a few things we want to do first - travel and careers. Obviously if you're an international supermodel it's harder. You can't do a sexy Calvin Klein jeans advert if you're six months pregnant." David Walliams wants to wait before starting a family with wife Lara Stone.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I had this instant nostalgia and wanted to do it again! I used to wonder why the hell people renewed their vows, but now I get it. I want to get married again... To the same person, obviously." British funnyman David Walliams on wedded bliss with new wife, supermodel Lara Stone.

26th October 2010

Quote: "I told him Katy would get upset if he acted like he didn't have an opinion on what flowers to put on the table. They don't want to hear 'It doesn't matter' - they want you to seem interested. But ultimately they want you to agree with them. Organising a wedding is stressful - you don't want to fall out with your future wife over something like the lettering you have on your invitations." British funnyman David Walliams on the wedding advice he gave pal Russell Brand, who married Katy Perry on Saturday (23Oct10).

6th October 2010

Quote: "She's a great person. I'd recommend marriage. (It) makes you feel like your life is going somewhere and you can make plans for the future. You think, 'When shall we have children?' You feel like your life has begun." British funnyman David Walliams is looking forward to starting a family with new wife, model Lara Stone.

6th October 2010

Quote: "The thing with her was that she was always jetting off. Often we'd have a date and the next day she'd fly to New York and I wouldn't know if it was true or not. I have low self-esteem, and I just assumed she didn't want to see me." LITTLE BRITAIN star David Walliams was convinced his model wife Lara Stone was lying about her jet set lifestyle when they first started dating.

24th September 2010

Fact: David Walliams has sponsored his TV presenter pal Denise Van Outen $1,500 (£1,000) for her upcoming hike along the Inca Trail in Peru. Singers Alexandra Burke and Gabriella Cilmi are also part of the challenging trek, which will benefit the Breast Cancer Care charity.

6th September 2010

Fact: Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is set to appear in British comedy duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas' upcoming spoof series COME FLY WITH ME, which takes place in a busy airport.

2nd August 2010

Fact: LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS stars James Corden and Mathew Horne have seen off competition from LITTLE BRITAIN's David Walliams and Matt Lucas to be named the best comedy duo in Britain, in a new poll by online TV service www.SeeSaw.com.

21st May 2010

Fact: An artist has fashioned an image of LITTLE BRITAIN stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas in a 10-foot (three-metre) tall sand statue. The work was created for the Sand Sculpture Festival in Somerset, England.

20th March 2010

Fact: Celebrities including David Walliams, Cheryl Cole and David Beckham have helped to raise $44 million (£29 million) for Britain's Sport Relief charity. The BBC hosted a telethon event for the cause on Friday (19Mar10), which saw Girls Aloud star Cole perform. Meanwhile Walliams carried out a charity cycle and Beckham designed special t-shirts along with his wife Victoria and three sons to raise funds for the charity, which aims stamp out global poverty.

5th March 2010

Fact: British funnyman David Walliams has helped raise more than $1.6 million (£1 million) for charity on Thursday (04Mar10) after completing a 875-mile (1,408 kilometre) bike ride from Scotland to the southern tip of Cornwall, England.

7th November 2009

Fact: Stars including Eva Herzigova, Elizabeth Hurley and David Walliams helped raise $365,000 (£228,000) for the Elton John Aids Foundation at a fundraiser in London. SIR ELTON JOHN was unable to attend the Emerald Ball on Thursday night (05Nov09) as he is recovering from illness.

3rd October 2009

Fact: Pop star Mika has recruited LITTLE BRITAIN comedian David Walliams to star in the promo video for his next single.

27th June 2009

Quote: "The most valuable in my collection is Morrissey from The Smiths as I just love his music." British comic David Walliams collects the autographs of his idols.

20th December 2006

Fact: SIR Elton John and comedian David Walliams were among the guests who bought children's presents to a Christmas party hosted by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in London last night (19DEC06). The gifts will be donated to kids' charities.

1st November 2006

Quote: "I had the toy Bond cars, and I'm sure I had a gun at some point. I would love to be in a James Bond film but I think I might have blown that by going on TV in a dress." British LITTLE BRITAIN star David Walliams fears he's scuppered his chance of playing the suave superspy.

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