‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge Amanda Holden has admitted that sometimes things can get a little too personal between Simon Cowell and David Walliams on the ITV talent show. Holden revealed that earlier this year Walliams became very ‘p**sed off’ with Cowell, after he joked about his recent divorce from model Lara Stone.

David WalliamsDavid Walliams was left shocked when Simon Cowell mentioned his divorce during ‘BGT’.

The incident happened when Cowell asked a contestant “Why aren’t you married?”, to which Walliams interrupted to ask the music mogul the same question. But Cowell quickly fired back at Walliams and asked him “Well, why aren’t you married?”.

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The dig came just months after Walliams' divorce from model Lara Stone was finalised. Speaking about the incident Amanda Holden said: “David made it personal [first]... He dares it and Simon comes straight back at him, and the joke ends there because he can always top David. He’s out-funnied David a lot this series. David is very p**sed off, actually.”

At the time an audience member told The Sun that Walliams looked ‘visibly shocked’ by Cowell’s comments and then went to speak to him privately. “David was pretty shocked that his marriage was mentioned,” the audience member said.

“You could tell Simon knew straight away that he had put his foot in it. David was a little caught out by the comment. While they were waiting for the next act to come out, he went to talk to Simon.”

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“He sat on the desk next to him and they had a few words with each other and seemed to sort it out.” A show insider then commented: “Simon and David’s relationship is all about the banter and this was just part of the fun.”