Heart-throb actor David Tennant has faced a shocking reaction from hostile Dr Who fans, who insist he is not worthy of the legendary role.

The British star, who is replacing Christopher Eccleston after just one series, looked on to a website dedicated to the sci-fi series to see what the public thought about their new Time Lord - and was mortified with the results.

He says, "The first comment was nice and the next was flattering.

"Then it was something like, 'I can't bear the sight of him.'

"One after that said, 'Who?' Then it was, 'I'd rather have DAVID Morrissey.'

"But then it was, 'That's it! The dream is finished! Somebody who looks like a weasel could never play the doctor. It's over!'

"I know everybody loved Chris and so did I, but hopefully I won't disappoint people."

21/07/2005 01:25