David Tennant is set to solve a familiar mystery in Fox’s ‘Gracepoint’ tonight. We say familiar because ‘Gracepoint’ is a remake ‘Broadchurch’, the BBC drama that Tennant starred in just last year. So what have US audiences got to look forward to tonight on Fox?

GracepointIt's not 'Broadchurch', it's 'Gracepoint'

Last year ‘Broadchurch’ was a critical and ratings success in the UK, so it’s no surprise that an American network wanted their own version. What might be surprising is the decision to cast David Tennant, the star of the original, in the role again. But hey, this man was once ‘Doctor Who’ so we’re never going to complain about him being on our screens.

Tennant told the LA Times "It's such an odd thing to be asked to do. To kind of reshoot something that was in many ways the same, but not really. I don't even know how to relay it. I'm not aware if this has ever been done before — therefore, I think it would have been churlish to say no to doing it, don't you think?”

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In the 10 part drama series Tennant plays Emmett Carve a detective who, along with partner Ellie Miller (played by ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Anna Gunn, investigates the murder of a young boy in a small Northern Californian town. For Miller, who’s never had a homicide case before in her quiet town, the investigation is all the more personal as the victim was the best friend of her son.

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If you have seen ‘Broadchurch’ then you might find ‘Gracepoint’ to be a lot of the same. Something which Tennant is unapologetic about "We're not making the show for people who have seen it before," the actor said. "We're not apologizing for the fact that it's been told before, because it's a great story to tell — and 99% of America hasn't seen it yet.”

GracepointStars David Tennant and Anna Gunn

But if you haven't seen ‘Broadchurch’ then ‘Gracepoint’ might just be the Thursday night murder mystery you’ve been waiting for. After all the original was so good Tennant’s already filming a second series, so there might be more 'Gracepoint' to come too.

“Gracepoint” premieres tonight (October 2nd) at 9 p.m on Fox.