David Suchet has played Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot for 25 years but soon it will be finally time to walk away from the role after final episode 'Curtain.'

Poirot David Suchet
'Poirot' Fans Prepare To Bid Farewell To The Legendary Detective.

Suchet spoke of his upcoming departure but was careful not to give too much away. "Curtain will be a very emotional farewell to a character who has been a big part of my life and has become one of my very dearest best friends," he said. "Considering the outcome of the final film it would have been very difficult for me psychologically to leave Poirot in this way. He is a brilliant, yet profoundly complicated character and I've always enjoyed playing him."

The series has shown Poirot succumbing to a heart condition and arthritis that has left him frail in a wheelchair but his razor sharp and exceptional crime-solving ability has been retained. The last four episodes involve a Poirot still convinced that another killer is lurking at Styles Court but he doesn't know who they are or who the victim is.

Watch The Emotional Trailer For The Final 'Poirot' Episodes:

Production designer Jeff Tessler spoke of how filming the series in what looks like authentic 1930s locations is a challenging task in today's rapidly modernising world. "It's always been hard to find properties that have retained their original character," he said, via The Express. He revealed that the final four episodes were filmed at Nuffield Place in Oxfordshire which was apparently the former home of motoring tycoon William Morris.

"Morris moved there in 1933 and the interior has been left intact with all the furnishings and decor," explains Tessler. "We used it in The Big Four, one of the final films, which sees Poirot reunited with Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp and Miss Lemon."

So will David retain his iconic moustache after the cameras stop rolling? "Poirot thinks of his moustache as a 'perfect thing of beauty' and believe me, it took some selecting to make it look right on my face," the 67 year-old remembers. Well, the truth is that Poirot's 'tache is an elaborately sculpted prop made from yak hair coated with petroleum jelly as beeswax to keep it looking shiny and neat - a process that reportedly takes "around seven or eight hours."

The final Poirot episode 'Curtain' will air on ITV on the 13th November.

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