THE KING'S SPEECH screenwriter David Seidler is "humbled" after learning Britain's Queen Elizabeth II likes his film - because he's waited decades to tell the compelling story.
The U.K.'s beloved Queen Mother begged Seidler to wait until after her death to make a movie about her husband King George VI's battle with a stammer.
Seidler respected her wishes by delaying the project, which was released last year (10) and has since been nominated for 12 Academy Awards and received Queen Elizabeth II's approval.
Seidler admits it's "wonderfully gratifying" to hear the British monarch enjoyed his work.
He tells the Hollywood Reporter, "To learn Her Majesty has seen the film, and was moved, in turn moves and humbles me greatly.
"When, thirty years ago, the Queen Mother asked me to wait and not tell this story during her lifetime, because the memory of these events was still too painful, I realised the depths of the emotions involved.
"Now this story has been written and filmed with a great deal of love, admiration, and respect for Her Majesty's father. That Her Majesty has responded favorably to this is wonderfully gratifying."