Imagine if Ross Geller was your actual university professor?

Well some ‘Friends’ fans have clearly been dreaming about being taught by Dr Geller and they’ve gone so far as to make a ‘Rate My Professor’ page for the fictional palaeontologist, with over 200 'students' leaving reviews.

David SchwimmerRoss Geller was played by David Schwimmer

Professor Geller appears to be pretty popular with his students, gaining a 3.8 rating for overall quality, with 81% saying they would take his class again.

Students also gave his class a 2.7 rating for level of difficulty. But where Professor Geller fell short was on the ‘hotness’ scale, earning a disappointing one red chilli pepper.

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One reviewer wrote: “Good Cool Professor. Did not know he had the idea for Jurassic Park first. Dude wore these badass leather pants to class once. Wonder what happened to 'em. Oh and his friend's super sweet. Invited us all to a movie in the middle of class.”

However another wasn’t too impressed: “Awful I used to respect him a lot but one day I saw him with no pants just walking on street,” they wrote. “And he had white sticky past all over his legs... I think it was power and moisturizer.”

Prospective students were also warned that mentioning the word break probably isn't a good idea. “Don't mention the word "break" like "sir, can i go for a break?". JUST. DON’T,” a review read.

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While another added: “Loved this professor. Only thing is he gave us homework when we were on a break. WE WERE ON A BREAK.”

Reviewers also remarked on his penchant for using a fake British accent, his Unagi skills and added that he’s not above becoming romantically involved with his students.