David Schwimmer says the 'Friends' reunion will be a ''really meaningful experience''.

The 53-year-old actor is set to reunite with his cast mates - Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry - for a one-off special for HBO Max which is due to film next month.

And David has said he can't wait to get back on the ''actual set'' of the classic sitcom.

Speaking to E! News, he said: ''I guess what I'm honestly most looking forward to is just being in the room with those other five actors. It's five, right? That was a joke.

''But being on the actual sounds stage on the actual set for the first time in 10 years, the set that we shot on for 10 years, that to me is going to be a really meaningful experience.''

HBO first announced plans for the unscripted special - which will look back on the iconic show - back in February, but plans to launch the one-off show in May were thrown into jeopardy due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, the show will tape in August, with the cast needing to undergo tests for coronavirus before they are allowed on set.

A source said: ''Everyone is really hoping production and filming can resume next month.

''It's full steam ahead right now, but there are going to be very strict guidelines and that includes no live audiences. That's a big blow because bosses were desperate to create an authentic atmosphere.
''All of the cast will be tested for Covid-19, and asked to quarantine in isolation after they've had the tests.''

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston recently said the reunion show would be ''really fun''.

She gushed: ''I think it's gonna be really fun also if we ever get out of quarantine [and] get to do our reunion show.

Whilst Lisa Kudrow added: ''Yes, that will be really great. I can't wait to do that. I really can't wait to do that. Yeah, we don't know everything about it, we need to say. I think we're meant to be surprised by some things as well.''