Review of Broken Down Figure Album by David Saw

Review of David Saw's album Broken Down Figure.

David Saw Broken Down Figure Album

London based David Saw releases 'Broken Down Figure' on June 22nd on Iris Records.'Broken Down Figure' is a laidback acoustic driven album, which has some nice guitar work and mellow percussion and piano. Saw's vocals are mellow and calming and his approach to song writing, on the whole is melancholic, which is fine as this suits the style of music.

Some of the stand out tracks include 'Don't Call' and 'Simple Song' and the title track 'Broken Down Figure'. Saw show's off a more relaxed and fun side with his bluesy 'Buy My Record' which is placed well on the album to break it up.

'Broken Down Figure' would be a good album for a steady summer's day with its relaxed and mellow feel. The finger picked 'All At Sea' has a warm quality to it and up tempo piano driven 'Someone's Gonna Love You' has a James Taylor feel.

If you like people such as James Taylor, Art Garfunkel and possibly Ryan Adams you may well appreciate this album in your collection, although I wouldn't put it on the top of your Albums I Need Desperately list.

Rating: 6/10

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