David Morrissey has won more than his fair share of fans for playing everyone's favorite character to hate on AMC's The Walking Dead. Last week, in the dying seconds of episode five (season four), we got our first glimpse of the returning Gov. and this week the entire episode was dedicated to the time he's spent between now and the end of season three, but we're still no closer to knowing what he wants.

The GovernorRick Grimes
The Governor and Rick will face off once again

Sitting down to speak with Rolling Stone, Morrissey digressed on what his character has been through and what he might want now that he is back in the frame in the series. Although unwilling to give too much away, Morrissey did give indications - similar to what we saw in last night's episode - that The Gov. may return as a changed man.

Although admitting that his return spells "bad news for Rick and everybody else inside the prison," Morrissey mentioned that, "we don't know whether he's up to scope it and plan an attack on the prison or whether he's there to negotiate, or whether he's a changed man as he's standing there. We don’t know that yet."

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