There's no doubt in the mind of 'Gotham' fans that the FOX network are confident in the series' ability to really succeed, with three seasons entertaining audiences to-date and a fourth on the horizon. Throughout the episodes we've seen so far, we've been introduced to a young version of Bruce Wayne played by David Mazouz, as well as Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a slew of other heroes and villains from the world of DC Comics.

David Mazouz is the man bringing Bruce Wayne to the small screen on FOX's 'Gotham'David Mazouz is the man bringing Bruce Wayne to the small screen on FOX's 'Gotham'

Despite the onslaught of characters, one of the biggest names from Batman's universe has remained pretty much under wraps since the show's debut; the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker.

Though actor Cameron Monaghan has won over viewers with his performance as Jerome - a youngster who shares a lot of traits with the Joker - the show has never committed fully to him being the actual character, leading many to believe that he's simply a huge Red Herring.

The topic of the Joker is something that cropped up in a recent conversation with Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz while he was speaking with Comic Book, and he has some exciting words for those who are hoping the character makes an appearance before too long.

"I feel like we have to by the end of the show," said Mazouz, when asked if a fully-fledged version of the Joker would be coming to 'Gotham' before the series came to a close. "I hope that when the ending of the show is near our writers will know that, and will be able to put final characters, and not just the Joker, but of everybody."

Speaking more about the show's journey, he continued: "I feel like we're, the show is leading up to a certain point. It's leading up to the Penguin. It's leading up to the Riddler. It's leading up to Batman. It's leading up to Commissioner Gordon, and I feel like, I really hope that we'll be able to see our versions of those characters be full blown, those characters before the show ends, and I feel like the Joker is one of those characters that really, really is crucial to the Batman lore. I think I'd be comfortable saying that he is the most important character after Batman in the Batman lore."

Some DC loyalists may be a little put out by that final comment, but it's at least very fair to say that Joker is one of the most talked about characters from the world of Batman. He's one of the most recognisable faces and with the various big and small screen adaptations we've seen of the character so far, it'll be great when 'Gotham' finally does commit to bringing him to their world.

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'Gotham' season 4 premieres on FOX in the US on Thursday, September 28, with the show expected to return to the UK on Channel 5 in the near future.