For almost three full seasons now, 'Gotham' has entertained audiences on FOX with its slick style of storytelling, bringing the origin stories of not only Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), but a roster of iconic DC characters to the small screen, as well as a couple of original characters created especially for the show.

Sean Pertwee and David Mazouz as Alfred and Bruce in the 'Gotham' pilotSean Pertwee and David Mazouz as Alfred and Bruce in the 'Gotham' pilot

The series started in a period when superhero shows were beginning to take over television. 'Arrow' was seeing huge success on The CW, paving the way for shows such as 'The Flash', 'Legends of Tomorrow' and 'Supergirl', with FOX hoping to pick up some of that loving with their own series. In 'Gotham', they did exactly that.

One thing 'Gotham' doesn't have in common with the other mentioned shows however is the network it airs on. Those named above now all air on The CW in the US, and so with 'Gotham' on FOX, it's never really been able to be a part of the other shows' now traditional crossover episodes. That's something that could change in the future however, if Mazouz is to be believed.

"I feel like we could easily do a 'Flash crossover, because he travels in time now," he explained to Moviepilot. "The biggest obstacle before 'The Flash' came out, when it was just 'Arrow', was that 'Gotham' is set in the past and 'Arrow' was set in the present. We were not in the same time period, so how could we possibly do a crossover?

"However, now that we know time travel was not only introduced, but widely used in the Flarrowverse with 'Legends of Tomorrow' and 'The Flash', it's very plausible that a crossover could happen, because they could come back in time and visit Gotham. I would totally support it. I'm a huge fan. I think that would be awesome."

Mazouz's love for other shows on television that fall within the DC realm is certainly heartwarming to see, and something that could eventually lead to all of what he says becoming a reality. When 'Supergirl' aired its first season on CBS for example, it still managed to enjoy a crossover episode with 'The Flash', despite their network's differences.

Seeing the world of 'Gotham' collide with the Scarlet Speedster and his network of superhero friends would certainly be a sight to behold. Hopefully it's something that's right around the corner.

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'Gotham' season 3 concludes in the US next Monday on FOX, and is expected to return to Channel 5 and Netflix in the UK later this year.