'Gotham' has without a doubt gone through some major transformations throughout its three full seasons and current fourth season to-date. In fact, this season, the idea of evolving and transforming into something new seems to be an overarching theme, and that won't be slowing down in the future if actor David Mazouz is to be believed.

David Mazouz takes on the role Bruce Wayne in FOX series 'Gotham'David Mazouz takes on the role Bruce Wayne in FOX series 'Gotham'

Having played Bruce Wayne since the show's earliest days, fans of DC Comics will know he's got massive shoes to fill in the future. Eventually, he will become the Dark Knight himself, otherwise known as Batman, but for the first time on the small screen, we're able to see the long and challenging journey that it takes for Bruce to get to that point.

Speaking this past weekend at New York Comic Con, the actor teased of what to expect from his character's story arc in future episodes: "Bruce’s relationship with Ra’s is going to be the most important relationship he has actually this year. Ra’s is going to take the last strand of boyish innocence that Bruce possesses and snap it in two – very soon actually. You’re not going to have to wait long to see that...Because of a very tragic episode that happens with Bruce and Ra’s, he’s going to transform as a human and he’s never going to be the same ever again. He’s really going to lose all of his naivety, all of his innocence, and he’s going to see the world for what it is, this unforgiving, disgusting place and especially Gotham — it’s 10 times that."

Exactly what goes down between the two characters remains to be seen, but from what we've seen in previous versions of Ra's al Ghul, he can be an unforgiving and extremely vicious villain. With the power of the Lazarus Pits at his hands, we may even see some of Bruce's most loved swiped away from him to show the amount of power Ra's can have.

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'Gotham' continues Thursdays in the US on FOX.