As one of the most successful comic book shows on television right now, 'Gotham' has cemented a place for itself on FOX and brought an all-new look at the heroes and villains-in-the-making of Gotham City to fans across the globe. On a different network to the four shows that make up the 'Arrowverse' - 'Arrow', 'The Flash', 'Supergirl' and 'Legends of Tomorrow' - the plausibility of a crossover between those four shows and 'Gotham' seems slim, but not impossible.

David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne in 'Gotham' season 3David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne in 'Gotham' season 3

It's something fans have been asking for, for some time, and we must remember that when 'Supergirl' first debuted, it was on CBS. The network at that point allowed the show to crossover with 'The Flash', despite the series being on separate channels, so it's not out of the realm of possibility for 'Gotham' to meet the 'Arrowverse' in the near future.

Actor David Mazouz, who plays a young version of Bruce Wayne in 'Gotham' has been in support of a crossover for some time, and now even has his own ideas about exactly how one could work.

Speaking with, Mazouz said: "First of all, if there’s going to be a crossover, they come to Gotham. That’s kind of a must-have, because nobody in Gotham can time travel yet. … Maybe there could be another kind of Flashpoint where Flash runs back in time and goes to Gotham and maybe tries to stop Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder from happening. Maybe not the traditional ‘Bruce Wayne gets murdered instead and Thomas becomes Batman thing,’ but something along those lines where the whole world gets whack and it’s up to Flash to fix things in Gotham."

Unfortunately for Bruce, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is somebody who's realised that messing with the official timeline by travelling backwards and making changes is something that's very dangerous, and could lead to worse events further down the line. That means, whilst Mazouz's idea is certainly a smart one, we couldn't see it happening in the current universe being followed!

Still, that doesn't mean a different type of crossover can't happen! We hope the head honchos behind-the-scenes are working on something special, because seeing all of these iconic DC characters in the same room is long overdue!

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'Gotham' is set to return in 2018 on FOX in the US.