There are few people that head to Broadway with the hopes of having their minds expanded with an hour long philosophical dialogue, but it seems that's what David Mamet wanted to give to Broadway's audiences. His latest play The Anarchist has been a complete flop and the decision has been made the cancel the whole production, with the final performance to take place on December 16th, reports the Guardian.

David Mamet is almost a household name, having written some truly brilliant movies including The Postman Always Rings Twice, Hannibal, and Wag the Dog, however he hasn't hit the high notes he would've wanted with his latest play. After the first official performance last Sunday, critics panned it brutally. As the LA Times sums up, "Many critics noted that the play's structure -- an extended philosophical conversation lasting a little more than one hour -- would be rough going for audiences." 

Many critics justly questioned whether a play that lasts little more than an hour is even worthy of being on Broadway, or considered a full show. Luckily for Mamet, he's got another show still on Broadway, and this one stars Al Capone, in a reverse fate of the Alchemist, Glengarry Glen Ross has been extended by three weeks and is scoring over $1m per week.