John Malkovich stars in the trailer for a new David Lynch inspired project: 'Psychogenic Fugue'. Hosted by Squarespace, it's a part of a new project called 'Playing Lynch', essentially a tribute to the 'Twin Peaks' director's work for the benefit of his charity the David Lynch Foundation. 

John Malkovich as David LynchJohn Malkovich as David Lynch

The trailer features flashes of spooky black and white imagery inspired by 'Eraserhead', 'Twin Peaks', 'Blue Velvet', 'Lost Highway' and 'The Elephant Man', with John Malkovich taking on a variety of iconic Lynch characters including Special Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady, The Lady In The Radiator, Henry Spencer, Frank Booth, John Merrick and David Lynch himself. It also gives the definition of 'Psychogenic Fugue' as a 'dissociative disorder in which a person forgets who they are and leaves home to create a new life'.

John Malkovich as the Log LadyJohn Malkovich as the Log Lady

It marks Malkovich's second collaboration with director Sandro Miller who is also a photographer. The actor was the subject of a portrait series called 'Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, Homage to Photographic Masters', which won Miller the Lucie Foundation's International photographer of the Year Award for the second time in 2015. 

The website for the project features longer clips of Malkovich as the characters. He exclaims about 'damn good coffee' as 'Twin Peaks' special agent Dale Cooper, but if you want to see more of his characters you have to donate to the David Lynch Foundation first. 

John Malkovich as Dale CooperJohn Malkovich as Dale Cooper

You can download the 'Psychogenic Fugue' and the accompanying album 'The Music Of David Lynch' now, with all proceeds going to the David Lynch Foundation which aims to raise awareness of the benefits of Transcendental Meditation and encourage its use for underpriveleged young people, war veterans with PTSD and domestic abuse victims. The Foundation held an event last year featuring performances from The Flaming Lips, Karen O and Jim James.

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John Malkovich as the Mystery ManJohn Malkovich as the Mystery Man

The album features music by Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips (soundscape from 'The Elephant Man' and 'Eraserhead'), Sky Ferreira ('Blue Velvet'), Zola Jesus ('In Heaven' from 'Eraserhead'), Lykke Li ('Wicked Game' from 'Lost Highway'). Long time Lynch collaborator and original 'Twin Peaks' composer Angelo Badalamenti also appears on the album.

John Malkovich as the Lady in the RadiatorJohn Malkovich as the Lady in the Radiator

John Malkovich as Henry SpencerJohn Malkovich as Henry Spencer

John Malkovich as Frank BoothJohn Malkovich as Frank Booth

John Malkovich as the Elephant ManJohn Malkovich as the Elephant Man