David Lynch thinks movies will eventually only be available to download from the internet.

The 'Mulholland Drive' director is a champion of new technology and believes the tradition of seeing new films in the cinema will soon become outdated.

When asked if he would ever release a film only via his website, David said: "That's where everything is heading very soon. It will just be downloads."

Although Lynch doesn't have a problem with downloading movies, he still believes it is magical to see a film on the big screen and it is something that can't be recreated on smaller screens.

He explained: "It doesn't matter how people get hold of a film; as long as they can see it in the right way it will still be beautiful. If people can see a film on a big screen with The Lights low and good sound, then they still have the chance to enter another world.

"Some films do better on a small screen than others but if you saw '2001: A Space Odyssey' on a phone it would just be the most pathetic joke."