'Twin Peaks' may be returning for a third season with Kyle MacLachlan back as Dale Cooper, but after two and a half decades a new generation brings new potential viewers. So what do 'Twin Peaks' virgins need to know about this cult classic?

David Lynch at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
David Lynch is bringing back 'Twin Peaks'

David Lynch is well-known for his quirky, often bizarre filmmaking, but his early 90s TV series 'Twin Peaks' has by far the biggest cult following of all. Set in a sleepy, fictional town in Washington, 'Twin Peaks' was an intriguing mix of murder mystery, psychological thriller and supernatural horror. Now, almost 25 years since the dramatic conclusion of series 2 which saw main character Special Agent Dale Cooper being replaced by an evil doppelganger after apparently rescuing his lover Annie Blackburn, it has been announced that a third series is getting under way. It's been a while, but here's ten things you need to know:

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1. Laura Palmer - The brutal murder of lovable but deeply troubled high school student Laura Palmer was the central plot throughout series 1 and 2. After being discovered on a river bank stripped of her clothes and wrapped in plastic, Sheriff Harry S. Truman enlisted FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper to help uncover the murderer, with Laura's less than loyal boyfriend Bobby, her secret lover James and her obsessive psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Jacoby among the many suspects.

2. Killer BOB - A demonic entity named Killer BOB is responsible for possessing the residents of 'Twin Peaks' and causing them to commit murder and other evil acts. Series 2 saw him unveiled as the real culprit behind Laura's murder, using her distraught father Leland Palmer as his host. His reflection was also seen at the end of series 2, when it became apparent that he had possessed Cooper's doppelganger and usurped his life.

3. Twins - It's called 'Twin' Peaks for a reason. In series 2, Cooper encounters doppelgangers of various people who had died in the show so far, as well as himself (who was soon brought back to life by Bob). The other startling example was Laura's cousin Maddy Ferguson, who bore a striking resemblance to her relative and found that everyone appeared to be treating her as though she was Laura in the flesh after she arrived in the town to pay her respects.

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