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28th November 2012

Fact: U.S. late night Tv show host David Letterman interviewed Oprah Winfrey at his alma mater Ball State in Indiana on Monday (26Nov12). The Tv personalities previously enjoyed a friendly 16-year feud before Oprah agreed to appear on Letterman's Late Show in 2005.

10th April 2012

Fact: David Letterman received an early birthday gift from Ricky Gervais on Monday's (09April12) Late Show - the cheeky British funnyman commemorated the chat show host's upcoming 65th birthday on 12 April by handing him a senior citizen MetroCard for the New York subway.

19th November 2010

Fact: Jim Carrey left U.S. talk show host David Letterman baffled on Thursday (18Nov10) when the comedian smashed a mug of water against his desk while singing a rendition of A-HA's TAKE ON ME. The Mask star was trying to demonstrate how high his voice was as he attempted to hit the final note of the 1985 hit.

19th November 2009

Quote: "I've been so... cryptically avoiding this question for the whole press tour." Robert Pattinson squirms when quizzed by U.S. TV host David Letterman about his reported romance with TWILIGHT co-star Kristen Stewart.

18th November 2009

Quote: "One thing I don't do, I don't lie about my personal life. It's sacred to me. It's my life. But I don't give details about it because I am allergic to that." Penelope Cruz refuses to confirm or deny reports she is engaged to actor Javier Bardem during a grilling from talk show host David Letterman.

12th February 2009

Fact: Rockers U2 are to appear on U.S. chatshow host David Letterman's LATE SHOW for a full week to promote their upcoming album NO LINE ON THE HORIZON. The Irish group will be Letterman's musical guest each night from 2 to 6 March (09) - becoming the first artists to ever perform on the show for a full week.

3rd January 2008

Fact: David Letterman returned to U.S. TV on Wednesday night (02Jan08) for the first time in two months, after his production company agreed a deal with striking writers. Letterman, sporting a bushy beard, entered the stage accompanied by dancing girls with strike placards. Comedian Robin Williams was Letterman's first guest.

2nd January 2008

Fact: Funnyman Robin Williams will be the first guest on David Letterman's LATE SHOW upon its return on Wednesday (02Jan08) - the first show since the writers' strike began in November (07).

20th December 2007

Fact: Property tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump will reportedly be the first guest on David Letterman's U.S. talk show when it returns to the air after a long strike on 2 January (08).

15th October 2007

Quote: "All of my friends - I'm so happy to come show them my 3-D ultrasound - and they all say, `It kinda looks like David Letterman'. You kinda can see little glasses." Halle Berry thinks her four-month-old foetus looks like the U.S. late-night talk show host.

31st July 2007

Fact: U.S. talk show host David Letterman has agreed to let Ball State University name a building after him. Letterman graduated from the Indiana establishment in 1970.

10th April 2007

Fact: US TV chat show king David Letterman turns 60 on Thursday (12APR07).

13th March 2007

Fact: The doctor who will perform US TV personality Regis Philbin's heart bypass operation performed similar surgery on Larry King and David Letterman.

26th February 2007

Fact: SAMUEL L. JACKSON showed off his blues guitar skills on late night TV in America on Friday (23FEB07) when he joined David Letterman's The Late Show band, which featured FELICIA COLLINS, the musician who taught him to play.

14th February 2007

Quote: "I'm just really glad I had that opportunity and got it out of my system." Drew Barrymore doesn't regret flashing her breasts at David Letterman - as a birthday gift - during a 1995 appearance on US talk show The Late Show.

5th December 2006

Fact: Beloved US talk show host David Letterman has signed on to host his late-night programme until at least 2010. The 59-year-old star is expected to make more than $30 million (GBP15.3 million) a year with the new deal.

19th February 2006

Fact: <p>Actress Scarlett Johansson is such a huge fan of US chat show king David Letterman, she has kept the can of Spam gift he gave her when she first appeared on his show to promote The Horse Whisperer when she was a teenager. </p>

24th January 2006

Quote: <p>"There's a new Osama Bin Laden tape. We haven't heard from him in about a year. Experts say it's current because in the tape he references the Hilary Swank divorce." Talk show host David Letterman believes even Bin Laden is up on the latest Hollywood gossip. </p>

22nd December 2005

Quote: <p>"I have always been attracted to him. I always thought that I would actually marry him." Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart on comedian David Letterman. </p>

28th October 2005

Quote: <p>"You got a very late start. Personally, I would like to attend my child's wedding without the aid of life support." Bette Midler pokes fun at comedian David Letterman, who became a father at the age of 56. </p>

28th October 2005

Quote: <p>"You got a very late start. Personally, I would like to attend my child's wedding without the aid of life support." Bette Midler pokes fun at comedian David Letterman, who became a father at the age of 56. </p>

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