David Letterman's war with Jay Leno appears to have been reignited by the trouble-maker shock jock Howard Stern. A report from USA Today details the Howard Stern appearance on Letterman's 30th anniversary show on Wednesday, (February 1, 2012) in which they discuss the long-running feud between David Letterman and his late-night talk show rival Jay Leno.

Howard Stern reportedly told Letterman on air, that he had been told by the producers of America's Got Talent he'd have to appear on both Letterman's show and Leno's. Stern apparently told them that he would refuse to appear on Leno's show, saying "I'm a Letterman guy." Then he discovered that, in fact, the pair had long since settled their differences and were no longer at odds with each other. "I found out that you announced the war is over and I'm still fighting the war." He then added "Dave (Letterman) is like this singer Rihanna. You keep going back!" in reference to the rumors that Rihanna has started seeing her former boyfriend Chris Brown.

David Letterman then fuelled by the fire of the feud by saying that if he found out Leno had won a People's Choice award, "it's like hearing (Charles) Manson has been paroled." He later admitted, though that comparing Leno to a mass murderer was "a little harsh." He summed up by the conversation by telling Howard he would probably be forced to go on Jay Leno's show anyway.