David Hasselhoff's girlfriend Hayley Roberts doesn't want kids.

The 'Baywatch' star - who has two children, Taylor, 22, and Hayley, 20, with ex-wife Pamela Bach - is happily settled with the 30-year-old beauty but she still feels too young to start a family of her own, though she admits she may change her mind in the future.

Asked whether the couple were planning on starting a family soon, Hayley mused: ''Hmm, it's not something that I really want to have. If I couldn't have children, I wouldn't be upset.

''Maybe in about three or four years' time, I might think differently, but right now, I still feel like I'm about 20. When I'm ready, I think I might have one of my own and then adopt.''

The former department store worker claims David and her are a match made in heaven in the bedroom and their two-year romance is as passionate as ever - despite the 27-year age gap.

Quizzed about whether they have chemistry between the sheets, she giggled: ''I don't even think I should talk about this, but yeah]!'', adding that she finds him sexiest ''when he wears his board shorts and has his good body showing, I love it!''

However, the petite blonde confessed it took her over a year to pluck up the courage to tell David she loved him because it's such an important step for her.

She added in an interview with new! magazine: ''It took a while. It was only about six months ago. I think it's because I'm not the type of person to be like, 'Oh, I love you', even to my family. I love them so much but I never say, 'I love you.' I love cwtching [cuddling] and kissing, I just don't say the 'L' word. ''