David Hasselhoff is currently enjoying one of the busiest periods of his entire career.

The former 'Knight Rider' star - who can be seen in new UK TV show 'Hoff The Record' this week - has claimed he's as busy as he's ever been and is determined to make the most of the opportunities that are currently coming his way.

He said: ''I can't sleep at night because so much weird stuff is happening at the same time. You're only as good as when your phone rings and for many years it wasn't ringing ... I can't explain it, all I can say is it's down to hard work ... I'm playing with the big boys again again for a change and we'll see what happens.

''If it lasts, it lasts, if it doesn't I'll continue to work - I've got a great relationship with my fans.''

Meanwhile, the 62-year-old actor - who's been dating Welsh beauty Hayley Roberts since 2011 - revealed he has popped the big question to his girlfriend five times, but has been told ''no'' on each occasion.

Asked why this is, David told the Metro newspaper: ''I don't know. That's the question everyone asks me. That and babies. Right now I've got so much happening, we're taking things a day at a time. We're happy where we're at and we'll see what happens.''