David Hasselhoff doesn't need to take Viagra.

The 62-year-old entertainer, who's best known for his starring roles in the 'Knight Rider' and 'Baywatch' series, has revealed he's more virile than ever thanks to daily bedroom ''workouts'' with his 35-year-old girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

David said: ''Do I take Viagra? No, I really don't need to.''

The star, nicknamed 'The Hoff', insists he consumes a lot of amino acids because they perform the same function as the medication used to treat erectile dysfunction.

He explained to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I take a lot of amino acids and the funny thing about aminos is that if you take the right amount it gets your blood flowing - the same as Viagra.

''But that's one problem I don't have - if anything, I am trying to find an anti-Viagra pill because my girlfriend keeps saying, 'Why is it that you want it every day?' And I'm like, 'Because I find it takes the edge off things'.''

Meanwhile, David also claimed he's in no hurry to get married despite having proposed and been rejected by Hayley on five separate occasions.

David - who's been married twice before, to Catherine Hickland from 1984 until 1989, and to actress Pamela Bach from 1989 until 2006 - said: ''Hayley is great. She has no interest in the fame side of things and when I bought her a hat recently, she took it back saying it was too expensive.

''We don't even know where we live right now because we travel all over the place all the time, but if we're going to get married and have kids then great, but we need to figure it all out first.

''Life is so, so important. You just have to take advantage of every moment you can.''