Back in 1989, David Hasselhoff celebrated the fall of the Berlin Wall – that had separated citizens in West and East Germany for so long – by standing atop one of the remaining sections and singing his song ‘Looking For Freedom.’ Now, in 2013, that same celebrity has returned to the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining stretch of the wall in Berlin and joined a campaign to save what remains of the wall.

The East Side gallery – a section of the wall, adorned with various original works of art - is intended as a monument to the history of the city and indeed the country but The Guardian reports that efforts are being made to remove the wall, in order to build luxury apartments, close to the trendy Kreuzberg area of the city. Activists are concerned that the developers Living Bauhaus will send their construction workers back to the area this week. David Hasselhoff appeared at a demonstration at the East Side Gallery to protest the developments and has vowed to help where he can, to reserve the wall as an historical monument.

“This last piece of the wall is really sacred, it's the last memorial to the people who died and to the perseverance of freedom,” said Hasselhoff. “I don't think I can afford to buy the land," Hasselhoff explained to The Guardian. "But we could raise the money – maybe we will.” It remains to be seen whether his star status will enable activists to halt the demolition of the wall and uphold the preservation of the monument. 


David Hasselhoff
David Hasselhoff: Pictured here promoting Gala Bingo