David Harewood wants to play the next James Bond.

The 'Homeland' star, 49, has admitted he would love to take over the role of the iconic secret agent from Daniel Craig, who has hinted the forthcoming 'SPECTRE' will be his last, but understands he'll have to battle against other high-profile contenders, such as Idris Elba, to land the next incarnation.

Speaking to the Evening Standard newspaper, he said: ''Everyone wants to be James Bond and there's a queue of guys ahead of me but I will throw my hat into the ring.''

Although, if the handsome star did secure the role, he'll have to think very carefully about how he'd portray it.

He added: ''Bond is such an iconic role, you would have to seriously think how to approach it.''

However, Harewood isn't convinced he stands a chance against some of the other actors reportedly being lined up to play the next version of the legendary MI6 agent.

He said: ''Anything is possible - but I think he'll [the next James Bond will] be male and he'll be white.''

Meanwhile, Craig, has been slapped with backlash recently after he joked he'd rather slash his wrists'' than do another James Bond movie following almost a decade in the role.

Ellen Pompeo was one of the first to hit out at the 47-year-old star, claiming he needs a wake up call for his comments.

Ellen, 45, tweeted a link to an article with Craig's interview and wrote: ''This dude needs a reality check.''