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Do not allow to deteriorate Gullpil for his life experiences overun of the author of the following movie:F R E E D O M F O R O Z E A N SSCENE I.Contour of Australia seen from space in black, surrounded by blue, with distinguished white boundaries of most strong clans, still approximately 80.Music: classical of Ozeans performed with didgeridoos.Voices: inarticulate, laud, joyous, coming from within the boundaries blinked at this occasion, thus making a cacophony of sounds and blinking sparks.Narrative: IT WAS THE LAND OF OZEANS BEFORE 1788.SCENE IIContour of Australia in white with boundaries of 80 clans in black. From within these islands of clans heard weak, undistinguished, voices in languages of the clans.At the left, lower side of the continent an island with the name NOONGAROn the right, East side, an island marked CONGRESS OF OZEANS.Music: from low tones to high contemporary of white settlers, laud and bombasting.Narrative: IT IS THE LAND OF OZEANS ON THE VERGE OF EXTINCTION.SCENE III.Continent of Australia covered by the 80 clans with boundaries in the shape of QUADRATES.Within each quadrate it is seen a TOTEM specific to each clan. On its left side name NOONGAR. At its right name CONGRESS with its EMBLEM.Music: soft, reconciliatory, specific to Ozeans and Settlers, over their continent surrounded by colors BLACK, EYELLOW AND RED.Narrative: IT IS THE LAND OF THE FIRST PEOPLE, RIGHT NOW IN 2011.SCENE IV.From the quadrate NOONGAR, does departure a charter bus with a Presidential Candidate and en route from the first quadrate to the last one he or she collects TOTEMS, as a sign of appreciation of the Candidates drive for presidency. It might be not excluded, that from another quadrate departs second Candidate in a competition to the Noongars one. One or both of them will finish the presidential tour in the CONGRESS.Music: embalming tones of the Australias and First Peoples anthems.Narrative: PRESIDENCY DRIVE FOR OZEANS, VICTORIOUSLY ENDED.SCENE V.Continent of Australia seen from space, in a mosaic of colors resembling colors of Australia and OZEANS, glimpses of their flags, and the QUADRATES, each surrounded by palms of hands joyously waving. The silhouette of CONGRESS within filled with waving hands.Music: performed by didgeridoogists. Plenty of them.Narrative: WE, THE FIRST PEOPLE, IN OUR OWN CONGRESS ARE NOW ASSEMBLEDSCENE VIInto the Chamber of Congress enters the winner of the presidential ride and is vigorously applauded by Delegates from each QUADRATE. And all in a solemn mood needle small TOTEMS at the edge of the Flag of the First People of Australia, so let it be known, across the world, that OZEANS have been united by the 80 clans into ONE NATION.Music: responding to the Clan of the Winner.Narrative  WE, THE PEOPLE OF OTHER CLANS, DO BLESS OUR PRESIDENT AND THE AMENDED NATIONAL FLAGSCENE VIIIn this Scene are seen TOTEMIZED QUADRATES heading into direction of the not yet having status of an Australian State, the NORTHERN TERRITORY in order to establish there a SOVEREIGN UNITED NATION OF OZEANS.Music - Anthem of the United Nations OrganizationNarrative - ALL NATIONS ON EARTH PLAYS TO THE TUNE OF THE UNITED NATION OF OZEANS. DREAMS OF OUR ANCESTORS HAVE BEEN FULFILLED. WE CAME FROM THE DOO WARAMBOOL, A PLACE IN THE MILKY WAY. FROM THE MILKY WAY, HOME OF THE PLANET EARTH.Author: w_czajkowski@yahoo

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