The Titanium hitmaker has been performing at Pacha Ibiza every Thursday, as part of his F**k Me I'm Famous residency, since May (15), but recent footage of one show, featuring animals, has been posted online, outraging animal rights campaigners, like fellow EDM star Deadmau5, who slammed the French DJ earlier this week (beg13Jul15).

He took to Twitter and raged, "im sure the horse really appriciated (sic) it. stupid f**ks. f**k @davidguetta and f**k @pacha... for real... horses belong on a farm, not in a s**tty overpriced nightclub to be subjected to a s**tty overpaid DJ."

And now, activists have launched a Care2 petition, pushing Guetta to remove the horses from his show.

The petition author writes: "The horse has to enter the big PACHA hall at 4am in the morning, where a huge crowd of people, drunken and drugged, screaming and sweating, are celebrating their party night. The noise and smell is unbearable for most people, but more for an animal.

"Even if the owner of the horse says that it was trained for shows and also is wearing earplugs, so it is still irresponsible to put a horse in the middle of the night under so much stress... We demand immediate removal of this program point!!"

The anonymous author also claims a club insider told him that the horse has already injured its back and two legs, but that has yet to be confirmed.

The petitioner's goal of hitting 7,000 signatures was reached on Wednesday (15Jul15), and continues to grow.

Guetta's residency is scheduled to run until 1 October (15).