David Guetta has ''enough new music for the next 10 years''.

The 'Titanium' hitmaker has avoided leaving his Ibiza home amid the coronavirus pandemic, with clubbing off for now, and has instead focused on writing new songs.

And he's been ''so creative'' that he's written enough new tunes to keep him going for the next decade.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: ''There's nothing, zero clubbing here.

''I don't even leave my house because I see billboards of my club nights from last year; so I stayed at home and made music.

''But I see some positives, I've never been so creative, I'm doing track after track.

''Now I have enough new music for the next 10 years.''

Guetta has made use of Zoom to send ideas back and forth to the artists and songwriters he's working with.

And he admitted he won't be thinking about shows until at least March next year.

He said: ''I can't stopping thinking of the first time when clubs and festivals open again.

''It's going to be huge, it's going to be crazy and it will go on for a year.

''It will be the best year in history.

''But I don't see me working again until March 2021.

''We aren't there to make people sick, they want to have fun.

''If everything opens now, it would be a catastrophe.''

The 52-year-old record producer-and-DJ welcomed the break from constant touring and trying to juggle writing songs with jetting across the globe.

Guetta - whose latest single is 'Let's Love' with regular collaborator Sia - added: ''I'm usually exhausted from jet lag.

''Normally I do a song in between two plane journeys and a hotel.

''The great thing is now I am home and I do sessions on Zoom with artists and songwriters and it has given me a new way of working.''