Review of When Love Takes Over featuring Kelly Single by David Guetta

Established dance act and favourite amongst many David Guetta must be over the moon working with Kelly Rowland to release 'When Love Takes Over' on Positiva. Both have collaborated to create an obvious uplifting dance track that has all the hallmarks of a popular big seller to the commercial market.

David Guetta When Love Takes Over featuring Kelly Single

It starts with piano chords and Kelly singing to build it up to get you going although it doesn't move me like a classic soulful vocal dance track has done in the past however there is some deeper sentiment that sits a bit deeper in the soul and the arrangement should guarantee that you will dance. Kelly Rowland doesn't sound as big as compared to other tracks in this vein and that for me is disappointing. The remixes add a bit more punch to the whole thing. Certainly the electro mixes have a bit more grit and Abel Ramos mix is pretty good.

Tareck Ghoneim

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