Review of Lovers on the Sun ft. Sam Martin Single by David Guetta

French born house and dance-pop DJ David Guetta has here teamed up with singer/songwriter Sam Martin to bring us the Spaghetti-Western inspired 'Lovers on the Sun'. This interesting concept begs the question as to whether the Western genre can really integrate electro-pop.

David Guetta Lovers on the Sun ft. Sam Martin Single

The plinking guitar and whistling throughout the first verse are in constant contest with the thumping drum beat. This is then entirely saved by the chorus, which combines a simple acoustic guitar and Martin's voice to evoke the feeling of the Western theme, via an air-grabbing 80s rock ballad. After this brief taste of how the song should be, the song dissolves into just another David Guetta song.

Again, the second verse brings you back around to the idea that perhaps electronic dance music and Spaghetti-Westerns could go hand-in-hand to make a great song, although this probably isn't it. The second verse introduces more string instruments, recalling the epic and grand 'The Ecstacy of Gold' by Ennio Morricone.

While this song is unapologetically a dance track, it is interestingly the dance section that lets it down. With writers like Guetta, Martin, Frédéric Riesterer, Giorgio Tuinfort, Jason Evigan, Michael Einziger and Avicii all adding their two cents, it is far from surprising that the track feels schizophrenic. If it had perhaps dropped half of the electronic elements, it would sound more like the interestingly fresh and innovative song teased in the chorus.

'Lovers on the Sun' is not a failure of a song. It has nicely demonstrated that an interesting and new idea like this has the potential to succeed, despite it having not done son. It the end, its biggest misstep was not through innovation, but through not letting go of the past.


Stephen Caswell

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