Singer/songwriter David Gray has angered residents living close to a famed London recording studio as he plans to convert the building into apartments.
The Church Studios has been used by rock legends including Bob Dylan, Radiohead, and Elvis Costello, and was previously owned by The Eurythmics' Dave Stewart before he sold it to Gray in 2003.
Now Gray has decided the building would be better suited as residential premises - but those living nearby are disgusted with the proposal, prompting the musician's architect Mark Ruthven to speak out in defence of the plan.
He says, "(The building) is completely obsolete, it doesn't get used. This is a way of the building being used. The heritage is preserved. The important thing is to find a re-use and that it is done in a sensitive way."
A representative for Gray also issued a statement about the controversial proposal, saying, "Having owned and enjoyed the church for nearly 10 years, it is time to move on. David would be delighted to sell The Church Studios but given the current upheaval in the music business and the repercussions on commercial recording studios, it is only prudent to explore other avenues, including redevelopment."
Gray is awaiting planning permission from local officials before he can begin the conversion.