Review of Sail Away - Rae & Christian Mixes Single by David Gray

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1. David Gray Sail Away Rae & Christian Mixes (12" - (East West/IHT))
After the resounding success of his album White Ladder (it has sold over one million copies) David Gray returns with a new single, Sail Away, one of the standout tracks from the aforementioned album.

Obviously hoping to add underground credit to the mans name, Mancunian musos Rae and Christian have been brought in to administer some remix treatment. If youre expecting a hip-hop or soul overhaul prepare to be disappointed. They stick surprisingly close to the original, dissecting and disregarding very little of the vocal and keeping with the acoustic guitar. In fact the only real difference is the ousting of the raw bass and the addition of atmospheric ambient swirls. A quality original that is complemented by a subtle face-lift.