The Pineapple Express director signed on to revamp Dario Argento's 1977 release in 2012, with Isabelle Huppert and The Hunger Games' Isabelle Fuhrman in starring roles, but the plans were scrapped a year later (13), and now Guadagnino has stepped up to take charge of the in limbo project.

The moviemaker reveals the opportunity to make the film, about a young student who discovers sinister goings on at her prestigious German ballet academy, is a dream come true, as he has been a huge fan of Argento's original for years.

Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, where he is promoting his new movie A Bigger Splash, Guadagnino tells Empire magazine, "The film by Dario Argento was a very indicative moment of growing up for me because I saw it when I was 14. I think it changed me forever. I was obsessed (with Argento) through all my adolescence."

Actresses Huppert and Fuhrman are no longer involved in the film, and Guadagnino is planning on unveiling his new cast in the near future.

Argento's Suspiria was the first in his Three Mothers trilogy, which also featured Inferno in 1980 and The Mother of Tears in 2007.

Actress Jessica Harper portrayed the spooked student in Argento's original movie.