David Gilmour's wife has been hailed a heroine for saving a drowning man from the sea this week (beg23Jan12).
The Pink Floyd star's longterm partner, writer Polly Samson, spotted a man in trouble close to the couple's coastal home in East Sussex, England on Wednesday (25Jan12) so she dived in and pulled him out.
However, she claims the stranger "didn't want to be saved" and went back into the water before police officers arrived and brought him back to the shore. He was subsequently hospitalised and sectioned under the country's Mental Health Act.
Samson opened up about the incident in a series of posts on Twitter.com, writing, "Just now... pulled drowning man from sea who didn't want to be saved... (He was) revived, ate stones, threw himself back in (the sea). Ambulance, police... Weirdly shaken by saving someone who clearly wanted to die... I've been trying to work out if inebriated psychotic or *plain* psychotic. I hope former and didn't really want to die."
A spokesman for Sussex Police says, "A man was seen to go into water at Kingsway, Hove, at 1.25pm on Wednesday. He was pulled from the water by police officers and taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital. He was arrested and sectioned."