The son of the Pink Floyd guitarist was handed a 16-month prison sentence after he was pictured swinging from a war memorial in central London during a violent 2010 protest against increased university tuition fees.

He served four months behind bars in 2011 before being released to serve a further four months with an electronic tag.

Since his stint in jail, he graduated from the University of Cambridge, and is now a journalist and campaigner for The Howard League for Penal Reform.

Charlie was seen at a protest in the British capital on Friday (23Oct15) with around 150 activists demanding the relaxation of the U.K.'s borders to allow more refugees to enter the country.

Demonstrators clashed with police officers, throwing paint and smoke bombs, and a representative for the Metropolitan Police confirmed that a man and a woman were arrested.

Charlie told the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday newspaper that he was present at the protest, but was not "actively taking part".

"I was at the King's Cross protest as a freelance journalist and observer," he explained. "I was researching a piece about refugee solidarity in Britain."